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Trim gardens by 1m & replace semis with terraces to add 50 refurbished houses to Welsh Streets + trees, shops & play area?

Here is a taster of how an amendment to the current Welsh Streets Planning  Application could increase the amount of refurbished houses – whilst at the same time providing the same number of new homes.

The is achieved by taking a metre of some of the gardens, and replacing semi detached units with terraces. All the new houses still have big gardens  and off road parking. We have also included some corners shops, a cafe, a play area and retained all the mature trees. See for yourself – how Constructive Thinking and Nina Edge have produced Design Diplomacy 2. If you don’t have time to look at the drawings, the Amendment to protect Wynnstay St, half of Voelas St and all the trees…..


Planning amm letter 6.6.13 – our letter to the planning committee

3035 A.FS.SITE.6 Design Diplomacy 2 – the drawings

We have submitted the drawings to Liverpool City Council as a discussion document in search of a swift remedy for the site.
If you want to contact them to support our suggestion and add your comments, email:


Please visit the streets soon and documents them as it is certain a large number of houses will be demolished.
Our letter to the council explains why we are taking this course of action.
 40 houses have already been saved from the bulldozers, and we thank all our supporters for their time and interest.


Things change pretty quickly…..

See our latest news on the Welsh Streets, otherwise, take your time and take a look around!

The Welsh Streets is an area of around 450 terraced  houses next to Liverpool’s Princes Park. It’s within walking distance from both Princes and Sefton Park with great transport links and local shops. The Welsh Streets have held lasting appeal to young and old alike, offering affordable housing in a friendly  neighbourhood. Their continued existence is under threat.

Would you like to live here?

So far we have managed to release 32 houses of various sizes, but only as long as we can fill them, so if you want to come and live here we want to hear from you.

More information about the house types will be posted as soon as it is available. So far we have structural surveys for Kelvin Grove 3-Storey Town Houses where 16 houses will be available subject to public demand. We await information for a further 16 in Madryn Street scheduled for repair.

A brief introduction…..

The fight to save hundreds of homes in Liverpool’s Welsh Streets from demolition began in 2004. Even though the government has cut the HMRI scheme responsible for condemning the area, the threat remains. In 2012, Liverpool City Council agreed to release 32 houses from demolition, but intend to clear 287 houses in the near future and more than 100 more in the long term.

Our core campaign message has always been to seek alternatives to demolition, but since no-one responded we have done it ourselves. Artist and committee member Nina Edge devised Design Diplomacy as a way of improving place-making and resolving delay on the contested Welsh Streets site. She has recruited a firm of architects and briefed them to produce sample ideas for the public and key stakeholders to discuss.

Everyone’s feedback is useful – so please fill in a quick survey so that the key players can learn about public demand for existing house types – primarily Victorian and 1950’s terraces.


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