Season’s Greetings from the Welsh Streets 

Progress is frozen in our parallel Narnia where its always Winter and never Christmas

 The authorities thought there might be a verdict from the Welsh Streets Public Inquiry this month.  Yet  still we await  the Inspector’s Report,  Eric Pickles’ response to it,  and word from the Council about what’s next.

And so we enter 2015 – our eleventh year of waiting for the spell to be lifted,  and for the  the ruined Welshies to be repaired or replaced,  repopulated and replanted.

Perhaps next year will see the delivery of a housing scheme and a new beginning. It can’t come soon enough for the residents who are striving for the kind of normality most people think of as their right. A kind of normal we have all but forgotten in the oubliette of regeneration failures.


Welsh Streets Homes Group wishes everyone Peace & Joy in 2015.


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