Shocked & speechless…………………….

Room for improvement in Regeneration photo by Jeremy Hawthorn


Welsh Streets Home Group have sent out the following press statement, following the announcement today that the Plus Dane planning application has been blocked by the Home Secretary, despite being approved by the Planning Inspector. The group are has put considerable resources   attempting to avoid  this scenario, through design, dialogue, and consultation. We hope that work to develop a viable route to area renewal can begin immediately.

Welsh Streets Home Group

“Eric Pickles refusal of planning consent for the Plus Dane proposal comes as shocking news to residents today. We have no way of knowing what will become of us now, or how long rebuilding our area will take. We call on the authorities to immediately resolve problems for residents in damp homes, and urgently progress with new plans for the Welsh Streets until they are restored or replaced. Our biggest worries are the continuing community stress, and the antagonism between LCC and central government that this decision creates. We hope all parties will find some common ground and come together swiftly. We need a plan to end our 11 year purgatory ”


photo by Jeremy Hawthorn


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