Welsh Streets key documents

Public Consultation Surveys…..

Mott Macdonald Report Most people were happy with their homes shown in research commissioned by Include ( CDS housing combined with LCC)Prior to the announcement that demolition was  the only option, and before people were offered a minimum of £3,400 to leave their homes  they were satisfied with their Welsh Streets homes.  Pages S1 table 1.1 A1 ( 72% satisfied or very satisfied with their homes ) The Welsh Streets Neighbourhood Plan Survey 2003

LCC NRA, Consultation Record see here and here showing that 338 people we against demolition, 92 people for.  A clear majority against demolition. The community vote supports renovation and rejects demolition in Liverpool City Council’s own records. Pages 104 – 106 in the Princes Park NRA declaration 2005. Following this report the community were re-balloted until they produced a majority for demolition six months later.

Key Reading…..
Shopkeepers Survey

RSL Code of Conduct

LHT:BBC Transcript

Merseyside Civic Society, Select Committee Evidence

Class Action on Housing,  The Big Issue Magazine

Environmental Audit Select Committee Evidence

Pathfinder the great demolition, Research Dossier Oliver Jenkins

Housing Market Renewal, The National Audit Office

Committee of Public Accounts, Report of sessions 2007-08Housing Market Renewal:Pathfinders, House of Commons

On the up: housing crisis in the North, Shelter


Merseyside Civic Society, key links……

MCS has made representations to voice concerns about the direction taken by government policy and, more especially, the way in which policy is implemented in the name of Housing Market Renewal as a vehicle for addressing significant problems facing the future of the housing stock.

The ODPM Housing, Planning, Local Government and Regions Committee on Empty Homes and Low-demand Pathfinders, January 2005

The House of Commons Public Accounts Committee, October 2005

The ODPM Select Committee on Affordable Housing, November 2005

The main lines of argument are featured in an article by Peter Brown that was published in the April 2005 issue of the Civic Trust magazine Focus.


Structural Building Surveys…..

Kelvin Grove Surveys, as undertaken by LCC show high costs of repair however, no actual costs were obtained from contractors. Click here to view the surveys.