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We commissioned Liverpool Architects Constructive Thinking to produce 3 sample site schemes and house plans so the public can see how existing terraces can be enlarged, insulated and re-used. This is part of our new Design Diplomacy project.

This project presents how the existing houses can be renovated, made energy efficient enlarged and extended for public discussion. A fly-though shows a range of community amenities spread around a site comprising 7 house types to suit a wide range of people.  The houses have been costed for eco-refurb and for simple decent homes refurbishment. The square metre comparison of the new build units from Plus Dane offer in the main smaller 3 bed homes on larger gardens, and the WSHG taster manu has 2 , 3, 4, 5, and 6 bed homes with  a range of gardens and parking options. Our options would provide a mixed development which could accommodate young and old – from singletons, to large extended offered families Granny annexes, studios, home offices, garages and off road parking. We have included dabs of community glue such as shops , a play area, seated gardens and so on in response to our previous consultation feedback.

The taster ideas are intended to provide the information people need in order to make informed and creative decision about what to next for the renewal of this unique park-side  area . They are the ingredient from which we could make a new place. The taster designs and feedback samples will be tabled with LCC – so please let take a look and let us know what you think on the quick surveys:

WSHG Market Research Survey

WSHG Design Diplomacy Survey (read all about it here first)

Or drop us a line.


The alternatives are exciting….

We know that there are many but to show a viable alternative means demonstrating it explicitly!

We have two clear offers of real financial and practical support available one of which is through Regeneration.

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To read more on the greener and more sustainable possibilities through RETRO-ECO-REFIT click the link below:





On the 21st February 2011, Liverpool City Council leader Joe Anderson gave us confirmation that he would look at any viable alternative put forward.


If you are interested in buying, renting or re-developing one or a number of homes across the Welsh Streets site we want to hear from you.  Likewise, let us know if you have other ideas particularly in relation to RETRO-ECO-REFIT and Community Interest, Companies or Co-ops!